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Are you getting the most out of your business? Would you like the tools to help you work smarter? Find new customers? .. or for them to find you??

Then get onto FindMap's range of windows desktop software and tables to get every bit of intelligence you need to reach your goals!


Latest update: 9th July 2017

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15th December - Updated

Online video tutorials updated

10th December - New!

Ever wondered how your data looked on the map when selecting particular records that meet a criteria? New rapid exploration of these scenarios is now possible with the latest Postcode Professional.

30th November - New!

Postcode Professional desktop software now offers 3 levels of point geocoding precision, all automatically determined by table contents.

13th November - New!

Postcode Professional desktop software with fast unallocated territory check and express export of suburbs and postcodes for any current territory map.

23rd September - New & Improved!

Postcode Professional desktop software now has a faster and simpler postcode and suburb name search.. just type it in and click to zoom there and optionally select and label. Handles misspellings so you don't even have to get the name correct to find it.. handy for those hard-to-remember ones!

7th August- New!

Postcode Professional desktop software offers convenient hints and tips and offers to do helpful and context sensitive things on yout behalf until you say you "get it".

Desktop mapping software for Windows

Visualise your data, plan and manage territories .. and much more!

Tables to power your searches on anything from PC to websites.

Everything to do with postcodes and suburbs: What distance, What area, What is next door .. and much more!

iPhone apps and content

"That Great Word Game" in top 300 of the Sir Richard Branson judged "Extreme Tech Challenge"!

"That Great Word Game" is a finalist in the "Aus Mobile and App Design Awards 2014"!

Custom work to suit your exact needs and budget.

We use our own products and in-house development abilites and industry knowledge to create lists, reports, maps .. even entire applications from small to large scale .. from desktop to iPhone to server .. whatever you need, whenever you need it!

In addition to the off-the-shelf table formats and content we can also provide custom variations and combinations - just ask!


Welcome to the most recent clients!
hipages Group - Directory - Uses Data products
Jayco Sydney - Caravans - Uses Desktop mapping software
The Green Guys - Lighting - Custom map processing
Help Me With It - Charity - Uses Data products

When was the last update done?

9th March 2017 - Postcode and Suburb Navigator Table - What place is in what region - multiple region levels and additional attributes make it even easier to select just the locations and groupings you need.

4th March 2017 - Detailed Suburb Distance Table - Australia's best distance search product just got better with new suburb names list, locality type, compass direction and major region table now included! Go one level deeper than postcode and get individual suburb to suburb distance for even better search refinement.

4th March 2017 - Postcode Distance Table - Australia's best distance search product just got better with new compass direction, comprehensive suburb names list, locality type and major region name now included!

3rd March 2017 - New Zealand Postcode Distance Table - A major update of the New Zealand Postcode table which now includes by-road distances along with straight line distance.

10th December 2016 - Postcode Desktop Mapping software - Tons of new and improved features in an ongoing programme of keeping at the forefront of client expectations. Check it out.

19th July 2016- Postcode and Suburb Name Table - A complete listing of all current postcodes and localities with additional attributes for Urban and Postal record filtering and State and Major Region.

27th February 2016- Suburb and Postcode map co-ordinates table - A complete list of every postcode and suburb with geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude), location type and major region.

3rd April 2015 - Postcode and Suburb Next Door table - Now with new CompassDirection attribute giving direction from-to. Complete list of every postcode and suburb with immediate neighbours.


Unsolicited client testimonials

November 2015 - "∂the issues we found with internal inconsistencies have now been fixed. Well done! ."

S.F. - Chubb

October 2015 - "I copied the new files over and the shortcut worked. You're a legend!."

R.J. - Top Idea


July 2015 - "I really appreciate all your help with the tweaks you have made. Even just the ability to create territories like you showed me the other day is a massive time saver for me."

T.D. - E-Energy


June 2015 - "Thanks for your time on the phone, and for your help!"

B.C. - Earthmoving Equipment Australia


May 2015 - "One word - IMPRESSIVE! ..in terms of what I asked you for this
latest version is SPOT ON!!! Brilliant !!!"

M.C. - Limo Central


January 2015 - "II could see there was a huge amount of work
gone into generating such a large dataset, and appreciate the effort that would have
gone into it to make sure that the data was accurate."

J.R. - Jaix



December 2014 "That Great Word Game" in top 300 of the Sir Richard Branson judged "Extreme Tech Challenge"!

August 2014 "That Great Word Game" is a finalist in the "Aus Mobile and App Design Awards 2014"!



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